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The Uncommon Thread

There are those with strength or wisdom who become heroes. We expect them to. But the unlikely, reluctant ones, those who delightfully amaze us, are the heroes who are surprised by the courage that rises from within.


Since he was young, Paddy thought Grandpa’s stories came from his colorful imagination. Now he knows the truth – Grandpa is not just a quiet tailor; he is a spy whose “stories” were designed to train Paddy for what’s coming.


Paddy thinks his biggest challenge is choosing between taking over his father’s tailoring shop or finding a job involving his passion, travel. But when he puts on an ancient coat and loses consciousness only to wake and find himself in Ireland, his path suddenly becomes much more complicated.


With the help of his Uncle Iain and his moody cousin, Corryne, he quickly learns how much he’ll need to rely on Grandpa’s covert training when a coded message directs him to rescue the kidnapped Christine. As the old stories suddenly blaze with meaning, Paddy is thrown into a battle to keep his family’s secret and stop their enemy’s attacks.


The Uncommon Thread is the first book in the Cover Stories series, which fans of science-based fantasy, historical fiction, and anything Irish will love. It’s a story about how life’s unexpected events can sometimes lead precisely where we needed to go all along.

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