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Laurie  Douglass

Introducing readers to characters they'd love to be, 

in worlds they've never imagined.

Looking for a suspense-building book that will keep you guessing? Do you enjoy mystery, adventure, espionage, cryptology, and riddles? The Uncommon Thread was written for you! It's the first in a three-part series called The Cover Stories. Sign up on my mailing list to be notified when Book 2 and 3 are released. 

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Click here to purchase. 


Click here to purchase. 

"Complex characters, palpable emotions, and strong family ties offer dynamism to a rich fictional universe where daily life is intertwined with elaborate codes and puzzles that only the wise can solve correctly. Spies and century-old enemies intermingle with the passion for books and culture. . . Laurie Douglass’s literary craftsmanship is revealed by the vivid descriptions, artistically narrated events, and by the well-chosen words that you read again and again only for the pure pleasure of reading." ~ A. Padurean

"The Uncommon Thread, by Laurie Douglass, is full of action. The magical touch makes the book even more enjoyable to read and harder to put down. Laurie has outdone herself with this book." ~ Nikki Libby, Reedsy Reviewer

The Uncommon Thread

Keeping secrets can be dangerous. Telling them can be deadly.

Paddy Duncan thinks he’s part of a quiet family of tailors. But when his grandfather is kidnapped, Paddy desperately begins searching for clues only to find that his family has been guarding a secret. It’s a scientific mystery so amazing, it has been changing the course of history, through espionage, for over two hundred years.


Before all this, Paddy’s desire was to travel the world, not remain stuck in a tailor’s shop. Will he now decide to risk his life helping others in a dangerous world of espionage where he is a marked man? And all for the sake of the family legacy? It’s a chance to change the world forever. 

The Uncommon Thread is the first book in The Cover Stories series, which fans of science-based fantasy, sleuth mysteries, historical fiction, and anything Celtic will love. It’s a story about how life’s scary, unexpected events can, once in a while, lead precisely where we needed to go all along.


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