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The Uncommon Thread

Strange things are happening in the little tailoring shop in the town of Weymouth, Massachusetts. When Paddy Duncan puts on an ancient coat and suddenly loses consciousness only to wake and find himself in Ireland, he’s not only terrified he needs answers. Before this, he thought his greatest challenge was deciding whether to take over the family's tailoring shop. Little does he realize that his life is about to take a turn he could never have dreamed.


As family secrets are slowly revealed, Paddy’s world is turned upside down, especially when he learns that his grandfather is not just a quiet tailor; he’s an international spy. Paddy must use his eidetic memory, encrypted messages, and untangled riddles to begin to discover the truth. But the world that has now opened to him is as unbelievable as it is dangerous, with enemies that have hated his family for over two hundred years.


There are plenty of stories of heroes with strength or wisdom or cunning. We expect these types of heroes. But it’s the unlikely, reluctant ones, those who delightfully amaze us, who are surprised by the courage that rises from within. Paddy Duncan is this kind of hero. 


The Uncommon Thread is the first book in the Cover Stories series, which fans of science-based fantasy, historical fiction, and anything Celtic will love. It’s a story about how life’s scary, unexpected events can, once in a while, lead precisely where we needed to go all along. Don't miss this book!

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